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We are a daughter-father photographer team with both a passion for photography. That's why you not only have one, 

but two photographers on your wedding. 

Every single moment will be photographed in different ways.

We will leave you a beautiful collection of memories.

First things first will Michèle literally save your date by translating your wedding ideas in graphic concrete forms.

She will create the invite of your dreams. 


Stephanie Smeets

I'm Stephanie Smeets, mainly specialised 

in fashion & portrait photography. Because I

really like working with people, i've created

a passion for wedding photography. 

Michel Smeets

As a product & architecture photographer,

I have the perfect eye for all details on your wedding.

Not only a beautiful registration of your wedding

but also the emotions catched in the moment. 

I'll be your moment taker.


M ichele Stappers

I save YOUR date!

Being a graphic designer, I would like to help you translate your wedding ideas into concrete forms, to turn your wedding day into a magical experience.

Starting with the invite of your dreams, we also provide the menus, table cards, name tags, ceremonial folders and booklets, all in the theme of your choice.

Each style ranging from ‘bohémien chic’ to classic or romantic will be fitted to your personal taste and wishes.

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